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What is Neuroon Open?

Travel to a various places while sleeping. Neuroon Open detects your REM phase and helps you induce lucid dreams.

Neuroon Open is an open-source mask for advanced, real-time sleep measurement, smart home integrations, meditation and lucid dreaming!

Wake up at the perfect moment with Neuroon Open smart wake-ups: pick the sleep phase, light and vibrations that suit you the best.

Use our meditation app to get audio feedback based on your brain activity. It provides you with sessions summaries, and encourages you to practice on regular basis.

Better sleep

Perfect wake up

Lucid Dreaming

Control your home while you sleep with Neuroon Open. Neuroon Open allows you to integrate your sleep data with IOT gadgets so that you can sleep like a child.


Great app that powers up Neuroon Open

Neuroon Open App will provide you with different wake-up options and helpful advice on how and when to get out off bed at the perfect moment so you feel energised all day!

Take a nap that you need

Try our customized napping program. Sleep tracker analyzes your sleep data and using algorithms makes recommendations for the best time to take a power nap.

Advanced sleep staging on the basis of your brain waves analytics accompanied with feedback on your sleep and tips how to improve it.

Wake up feeling energised

Monitor your sleep

Get a comprehensive report on the quality of your sleep combined with an easy to understand sleep score generated by our patented algorithm. Neuroon Open tracks your brain waves, pulse, saturation, movement and changes in the skin temperature. Sleep Analytics includes data gathered by sleep tracker: detailed readings of your heart rate and the duration of each of your sleep stages including REM, deep and light sleep.

Powerful sleep analytics

open source

Neuroon Open is a fully open-sourced device. We will release all off our electronic design files, sources for Neuroon's firmware and sleep-staging algorithms.

You will be able to program your own solutions and integrations for Neuroon Open!

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