Sleep tracking based on brainwave analytics

Neuroon Open is the most accurate sleep tracker which combines EEG, pulse, temperature and movement measurement.

How does Neuroon Open track your sleep?

Gold-plated EEG sensors measure brainwaves' activity during your sleep. Neuroon Open tracks pulse, temperature and movement too to get even more accurate picture of your sleep.


Sensors gather data during your sleep

Years of gathering data from medical devices for polysomnography enabled us to implement comprehensive methods of machine learning. The signal received from the Neuroon Open mask is processed by the artificial neural network.

AI algorithms analyze data

Neuroon Open App shows easy to understand data and metrics summarizing your sleep. It takes just few seconds to see sleep results and detailed interpretation of your sleep. You can also compare sleep metrics over time!

Your results instantly in the Neuroon App


After your sleep, Neuroon Open will provide you with your sleep interpretation and smart tips on how to improve your sleep and get more energy.

Follow smart sleep tips to improve your sleep


Comparison with sleep trackers

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